Compiling a Top 10 list of a home’s positive attributes — an activity commonly recommended by real estate agents to their clients before showing a property — is now being adopted as a marketing tactic. A husband and wife trying to sell their Florida home engaged in this exercise but came up with completely separate lists of selling points. Realizing that men and women have different perspectives, the couple and their realty agent decided to use both lists in a marketing effort. The property practitioner created a flier of the two lists — the man’s focusing on technical aspects such as hurricane panels and cable wiring and the woman’s zeroing in on aspects like the home’s vaulted ceilings and beautiful landscaping — and forwarded it to agents on the local multiple listing service. Other realty professionals quickly recognized the unique nature of the strategy and asked to use the approach themselves. Word even spread as far as the Florida Realtors, where spokesperson Marla Martin called the technique “very creative.” Although she had not heard of anyone using it before, she said she was not surprised by the tactic. “During the boom years,” she explained, “you almost didn’t have to do anything because the homes were moving so fast. Now, our members report lots of creative things for sellers.” Other strategies include holding signs along roads to promote open houses, more aggressively using social media sites to advertise listings, and including cars and watercraft in home transactions. | Read More