Interior design has grown in popularity and readily available expert advice from magazines, blogs, and TV shows, as well as online home decor retailers can help make it a more accessible and fun DIY project. Robert and Cortney Novogratz of HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz” note that having unique pieces, particularly vintage ones, is important as it helps to differentiate the space and provides a sense of history. Such pieces can be family heirlooms, or something found at a flea market, or for those who find fleamarkets intimidating, through a online resource, like the curated sales destination One Kings Lane. One Kings Lane has recently launched Vintage and Market Finds, a permanent online market place that showcase curated antique and vintage finds from some of the top dealers in the country. The Novogratz suggest being opened-minded about the used for an item, and embracing the possible uses for it, and being willing to add history into all areas, though perhaps not by putting very valuable pieces in children’s rooms. They add that mixing old and new pieces creates a more comfortable eclectic style and can bring a fun touch to a room or dinner party. One way to make sure that you are buying the right vintage or antique piece is to look for something that is connected to or represents a personal story or interest, though chests, boxes, books, ark, and furniture, as well as lighting, are all good ways to bring the old into a new space. | Read More