Municipal Development for Renovate America (MDRA) has developed an energy efficiency program that has become incredibly popular in the U.S. MDRA has created Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO), which is the number one energy efficiency financing program in the country. The HERO program works with local governments to make water-efficient, energy-efficient, and renewable energy products available to homeowners. “HERO has been adopted by 138 communities in California and we funded over 11,000 improvements for residential properties for over $210 million dollars. That equates to saving property owners $408 million dollars over the lifetime of the home project we financed, while reducing carbon emissions over 25,000 tons annually in California,” said John Law, Director of Municipal Development for Renovate America. The success of the HERO was made possible by California legislation called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). Experts say programs such as HERO are preferable over using energy sucking and costly appliances like air conditioners and fans during warm summer months. | Read More