In such areas as Southern California, swimming pools are an expected amenity in home purchases. Realtors say the more elaborate, the better, in these markets. However, for many home shoppers, a backyard pool is actually a turnoff. In addition to a potential liability and danger for children, these buyers view pools as an expense that the family budget cannot bear. According to real estate agents, a pool keeps some shoppers from even considering a house despite the current limited supply of available residences. Other buyers are more drawn to communities where public pools are maintained by homeowner associations and there is no need for a private pool at their homes. For many, swimming pools are a personal preference instead of an expense that homeowners can expect to recoup when it comes time to sell. Appraisers say that whether a pool is a plus or minus when a home is resold depends on a number of variables — particularly if it is too much of a personal statement, out of style, or in disrepair. In general, buyers tend to pay more for a home’s additional square footage, upgrades, lot size, or location. | Read More