Many homeowners opt to undertake renovations or maintenance projects in the spring to add value to their homes. However, unnecessary disasters can be caused by contractors and others working in a home. Experts recommend installing a fire and burglar alarm system in advance of any major construction or renovation project, properly disposing of oily rags and combustible debris, prohibiting smoking, and mounting portable fire extinguishers in accessible places. James King at Chubb Personal Insurance says sensors for fire and security systems should be covered with plastic bags or manufacturer-provided covers rather than disconnected when workers sand or plaster. He also recommends installing motion-activated lighting and perimeter fencing or even hiring security guards if the home will be vacant. Contractors and subcontractors should be asked to furnish a copy of their certificate of liability to confirm they carry adequate insurance. Additionally, homeowners should talk to their agent or broker about purchasing builder’s risk insurance and keep them informed about the status of project so their homeowner’s policy coverage and limits can be be modified as needed. | Read More