Selling a house in today’s “buyers’ market” can be a daunting proposition, but Phil Mulkins of Oklahoma’s Tulsa World has some tips to ease the process. He warns sellers not to mention a deadline to their real estate agents, who are often more concerned with trying to sell the house sooner (and for a little less profit), so they can make their commission and move on to the next sale. Sellers should not bore prospective buyers with their life story, and should give a short and perhaps untruthful (or abbreviated) answer to the question: “Why are you selling?” Sellers should also not try to actively sell the house to visiting buyers, but instead let the house sell itself because most buyers make their decisions emotionally rather than checking to see if all of the included amenities and square footage are commensurate with the price. The less the seller is at the house, the better. In an attempt to quicken the selling process, sellers can provide incentive in the form of a bonus to their realtor, maybe 10 or 20 percent of the house’s list price, if the realtor is able to sell the house quickly and for the price the seller wants. | Read More