Many home buyers are seeking a house with a simple, clean, design and a small footprint — especially as commuting costs and other expenses rise. Real estate agents, especially in the Washington, D.C., area, have seen increased interest in bungalows, Tudor-style homes, Cape Cods, and Arts and Crafts houses. Experts say buyers interested in old or historic homes should consult a real estate agent, many of whom specialize in particular niches. features listings of older dwellings from across the country, and aims to help D.C.-area buyers locate “mid-century modern” homes. Agents say older homes are built solid, and buyers — despite wanting a more modern kitchen — prefer the hardwood floors and fireplaces in older properties. Some buyers even desire Sears or Aladdin catalog homes, and there are Web sites that can help them ensure the authenticity of such dwellings. | Read More