There are several things that homeowners with children can do to make their homes as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. For instance, homeowners should be sure to store their children’s toys in boxes or on shelves so that rooms look clean and uncluttered. Another option for keeping the home clean and tidy when prospective buyers stop by is to pack half of the kids’ toys away. Homeowners can also help keep their houses clean by planning a vacation or going on a lot of trips during the first few weeks that the home is on the market, which is when a large number of buyers will visit the property. In addition, cleanliness can be maintained by eating out on a regular basis, having food delivered, or preparing meals that do not require a great deal of clean up. Finally, homeowners should ask prospective buyers to give them 24-hours notice before coming over so that they can be sure that the house is clean and orderly before they arrive. | Read More