Cleaning the coils on your refrigerator is not a glamorous task. But it is an important refrigerator maintenance chore that improves the refrigerator’s efficiency. The coils help the refrigerator release heat so it stays cold enough to keep the food at proper cool temperatures. Its easy for dust and debris to accumulate under the refrigerator (as you probably already know). The dust can cling to the coils and prevent heat from releasing efficiently. A refrigerator consumes more energy when working harder due to dirty coils.

It took less than an hour to clean the coils. At first, I tried a soft-bristled brush, but I ended up using a Swiffer duster because it was thin enough to get between the coils. I cant promise Ill clean the refrigerator coils every month, but now that I know how quick and easy it is, I wont wait years to do this again.

Unplug the fridge

Unplug the refrigerator to avoid any electrical hazards. Then, put on a dust mask.

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