Decorating a home does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Homeowners can follow a few budget savvy tips for converting leftover seasonal items and into creative decorations. Leftover Halloween pumpkins can be used to create a fall centerpiece. Extra apples can be used as bases for candles, creating a home holiday atmosphere. Maple leaves, pinecones, and pine tree branches are natural decorations to spruce up any home. Browsing for mismatched dinnerware at thrift shops helps homeowners add a more creative flair to dinner parties without sacrificing cost. Getting the kids involved in your holiday decoration activities will not only save you money, it will keep your kids busy and help spread the holiday cheer throughout your family. Freshly fallen leaves are perfect for fall centerpieces or a leaf garland. Have the kids go out, rake in hand, to collect their leaves. To encourage participation, make a game of it by seeing who can find the biggest leaf, the most leaves or the best color. It doesn’t hurt that your lawn is getting a free facelift, too. For the winter holidays, have your kids cut snowflakes from white paper and hang them as garland throughout your home. The best way to obtain a solid collection of holiday décor is by building it up slowly over time and keeping your items in quality condition. Investing in good storage containers can save you money every year by preventing you from having to replace items you’ve already bought. | Read More