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I don’t know about you, but the thought of hanging one of our TVs on a wall used to really intimidate me. It felt very permanent, for one thing, and I also just never trusted my mathematical talents enough to be confident I’d get it placed just right. Fast forward a handful of years, and I can say that I’ve successfully hung a TV on the wall using a traditional wall mount, but it took hours and almost cost us our marriage! I kid, I kid, but it was really frustrating, and John and I definitely butted heads throughout the whole process.

I vowed never to hang a TV again, but then the small start-up team behind Easy Wall Mount got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their TV mount kit. They claimed that it allowed you to hang a TV in just a couple of minutes without the hassle of bulky, expensive TV mounts. All I could think about was my nightmares of past experiences with traditional wall mounts, but I watched their kickstarter video and installation tutorial on YouTube, and decided to give it a shot. We just happened to have the perfect place to try it since we now have a TV in our lounge living space, and so I gave them the go-ahead to send the goods along for testing.

Long story long, it worked and no one was more surprised or excited than me. I was able to hang the TV in just a couple of minutes on my own, and it truly was as easy as hanging a picture. What actually ended up taking the longest amount of time was figuring out how to restyle our media console now that we had all this extra room without the TV sitting there in the way! Keep scrolling for the full story and the step-by-step tutorial in case you have a TV that you’d like to DIY mount on the wall.

Before this project, we had our 43-inch television sitting on top of the wooden media cabinet in our lounge at the back of the house. The console was plenty big enough to hold the TV plus a handful of décor accents and a lamp, but the television itself definitely took up the most amount of room. I was thrilled by the idea of making more space on top of the cabinet for things like a record player and more books. I also wanted the room to feel a little more open when you walked into it. The entry to the room is right next to the TV, and it felt a little encroaching sitting there on the table. It was for those reasons that I ultimately decided to test out the Easy Wall Mount.

The kit you get from Easy Wall Mount comes with everything you need to hang three different sized televisions—anything up to a 72-inch model and no more than 70 pounds in weight. You’ll get hooks, screws, bolts, the cable plus brackets, and rubber bumpers to help keep your TV from shifting once up on the wall. Note that the 1.5mm stainless steel wire rope has a breaking point of over 300 pounds, and it’s crimped to 2mm-thick steel connectors designed to fit most TVs. The wall hook itself is also twice as wide and 50 percent thicker than a traditional wall hook. Point being, you can trust these supplies!

You’ll also need to pull together a collection of your own tools to complete installation: a level, manual screwdriver, measuring tape, a pencil, stud finder, drill, and drill bits. If you want to hide the TV cables inside your drywall, you’ll also need a hole saw attachment for your drill, but more on that later.

To attach the Easy Wall Mount hanging wire, you’ll need to lay your television face-down on a soft work surface, remove its legs, and then choose the right size hanging wire for your TV. The kit comes with multiple options to try depending on the size of your TV. I ended up using the smallest option from the kit. Grab the included bolts, and screw those to the back of your TV through the brackets attached to the wire. There should be a series of bolt holes on the back of your TV made specifically for mounting your television on the wall. Those are the holes you’ll use for your hanging wire. Don’t over-tighten the bolts since doing so could damage your TV!

The actual installation of the hanging wire onto the TV takes about one minute flat. Now you can move on to the wall hook. As I said, you’ll receive a hook in your kit, along with the screws needed to attach the hook to the stud through your drywall. You definitely need to make sure you use a stud for this mounting project, otherwise your TV won’t be securely held again the wall and you risk it falling. Easy Wall Mount has a FasMount Sliding Wall Hook available that allows you to adjust your TV to different spots on the wall if a stud isn’t in your desired location. More information about that tool can be found here.

Use a stud finder to locate your stud. Luckily, our stud was in a great spot for the TV, so I didn’t need to worry about adding the Sliding Wall Hook. Measure the height at which you want your TV to sit, then mark the wall over the stud location. Hold the hook from your kit on the wall where you marked it, and then draw more marks through the holes in the hook onto the drywall. Set the hook aside. Next, find a drill bit that’s just a little smaller than the diameter of the screws that came in your kit, and use a drill to drill pilot holes through the drywall into the stud. Finally, screw the hook into the wall using the included screws, making sure it’s nice and snug.

After that, just loop your TV hanging wire over the hook, and use a level to make sure your TV is straight. Don’t forget to place rubber bumpers on the backside of the TV where it makes contact with the drywall! These help reduce sound vibration, and will keep your TV from shifting while up on the wall. Use your level once more to make sure the TV is straight again.

Now, one extra step that I decided to do before calling this project done was hiding the TV cords through the wall. Truth be told, I actually left the TV hanging up on the wall with cords exposed for about a week before committing to the process of hiding cords. It’s a very permanent thing to tackle since you have to drill large holes into the wall to pull it off, so I gave myself a week to make sure that (a) the TV was securely hung from its wire, and (b) that I liked its new position up on the wall. Sure enough, the TV was secure as can be, and I also loved the way it looked up on the wall, so I decided to go for it and finish the job by hiding the wires. To learn how to do so in your own TV room, follow my guide here. That post includes links to the hole saw I used.

I went into this project with a tiny bit of trepidation, but I can safely say that it was a total DIY win. I was able to hang our TV by myself in just a few minutes, and it has been securely hung for over a month now with no issues. I’ve actually hung heavier pieces of art far more precariously than this, and have never had any problems.

If you’re worried about the weight of your own TV if it’s bigger than 43 inches, like ours is, I don’t think you have to! The team behind Easy Wall Mount has rigourously tested their product, and can attest to its strength. In order to claim a weight rating of XX, the wall mount needs to hold four times that amount for a period of five minutes. They tested the strength of the wall mount and hook by hanging four water-filled five-gallon buckets and weights totaling approximately 250 pounds—far more than the 70-pound TV limit Easy Wall Mount recommends on their website. Everything held just fine, so there’s no need to worry!

Watch the video included above to see this whole process come together in our lounge in real time (or hop over to YouTube here to see it if you’re reading this from your email inbox), and let me know if you have a TV that you’d like to mount up on the wall. I love the idea of using this on a porch or outdoor deck, too! The hook is so discrete in comparison to traditional bulky wall mounts, so you could theoretically install it on your porch wall, and just bring the TV out whenever you want to set up an outdoor movie night. Just leave the hook exposed when you don’t need the TV, or hang a weather-proof piece of art there every other day of the year. The possibilities are practically endless…How would you use your Easy Wall Mount? Comment below!

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