Birdbaths add an artistic flare to any garden while attracting local and migrating birds.

Birdbaths can be on pedestals or closer to the ground. Pedestals are more visible and offer a quick dip, whereas baths nestled into the garden act more like a natural water source. The latter type attracts birds that like to stay low yet love a safe spot from predators.

This simple leaf-shaped birdbath is easy to make. It can be placed on a tomato cage or pedestal for increased visibility, or draped on a flower bed to mimic a more natural setting. Either way, with some thought and care, this birdbath should delight your feathered friends.

Build a sand dome

Put down plastic and pour sand on top. Make a domed pile of sand so the leaf holds its shape. If needed, add a little water as well.

NOTE: Birds don’t like baths more than a couple of inches deep, so keep this dome shallow.

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