Drywall is often considered among the most plain and basic of building materials. While standard drywall is certainly not all that appealing to look at, there are still creative ways to use the material that will stand out in a home.

If you’re looking to create a unique vibe in a room, consider rounded drywall corners.

What Are Rounded Drywall Corners?

Rounded corners give a soft, adobe-like look to a room and a more finished look to trimless open doorways.

Making a rounded, or bullnose, corner is easy if you plan for them before installing drywall. Its as simple as changing the kind of corner bead you use for the project. Youll also need to cut the sheets of drywall a bit short so they dont overlap at the corners; otherwise, the drywall will kick out the rounded corner bead, and it wont rest against the surface properly.

You can find rounded corner bead at most home centers and lumberyards. There are two varieties: the all-metal, nail-on type and the metal with a paper face. I prefer the no-nailing, paper-face type because its faster, more user-friendly and more resistant to chipping than the bare metal.

How to install rounded drywall corners

Apply it the same way you would ordinary drywall tape:

Lay down a base coat of joint compound.Embed the paper from the corner bead in the wet compound.Apply a topcoat.Read More