Have you ever wanted to paint a door, but couldn’t be bothered to take it off the hinges? Tiktok DIY expert @diywithemma can relate. In search of an easier way to refresh an entryway, she developed a simple hack that allows you to paint the door while it still stands upright. Check it out below.

@diywithemma Did you know this DIY hack? Made this fun video with @TikTok UK to show people that you can learn on TikTok! #ad #tiktoktaughtme #learnontiktok #smarternotharder #paintingfolderhack #howtotiktok #hometipsandtricks #homedecor #diysos Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

How to Paint a Door on Its Hinges

In the video, Emma uses a plastic folder to ensure she doesn’t get paint on the top of the door or bottom of the door (or the walls or floor!). To try this hack yourself, order a basic plastic folder along with paint in the color of your choice. Then, hold that folder along the top and bottom edges of the door while painting across them. The paint should successfully get onto the front of the door, but be blocked from muddying the edges that will rest in the frame.

Helpful Tips for Painting a Door While It’s on Its Hinges

Now, some of you savvy handymen may be glaring at your computer, asking, “But what about drips? What about panels? What about sanding and priming and finishing?!” And to that I say: you’re right. The best way to paint a door is always going to be to take it off its hinges. However, if you’re feeling time-pressed or lazyno judgment!here are some tips to get ahead of this quick method’s pitfalls.

Prevent Drips

Whenever you are painting vertically, gravity can lead to drips if you’re not careful. Take these necessary precautions to minimize that risk:

Use a roller brush wherever possible, as these apply paint more uniformly than normal brushes. Mini rollers are especially helpful for the smaller surfaces of a door.Paint in thin coats. Sure, they don’t cover as well, but they ensure a much smoother surface. Aim for two to three thin coats.Use a drop cloth or rosin paper on the floor beneath the door to catch any drips that do occur.

Accurately Paint Panels

For a paneled door, painting can be slightly trickier. This is because rollers can’t reach those interior details and the different surfaces can make any flaws on the door look more prominent. To get ahead of these issues, use a small foam or synthetic brush, making sure to “cut in” to get the most accurate strokes.

Reduce the Appearance of Flaws

The best way to reduce the appearance of flaws is to get rid of them entirely by filling holes and scratches and priming the door before painting. But, if you don’t feel up to that task, use the below tips to reduce and camouflage flaws while still saving time:

Always wipe down your door before painting! This will prevent dust and hair from marring your new paint job.Avoid high-gloss paints, which will draw attention to uneven surfaces. Instead, opt for a satin or semi-gloss, which offers a subtle sheen that can minimize scuff marks.Lightly sand the door between paint layers using 220-grit. This can remove any lingering dust or drip marks.

More Painting Tips

Door painting is a real art, so it’s always a good idea to read more about it to understand the best approach for your particular door. Whether you’re painting a varnished door, a front door, or a whole garage door, rest assured there are numerous tips available to help simplify the process. Additionally, be sure to learn about common painting mistakes and how to fix them. Soon, you’ll be a painting pro, ready to tackle the entire houseinside and out!

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