When preparing a home for sale, agents would be wise to walk through the home with a buyer’s eye, providing an overall assessment as well as paying attention to the smaller details. Sally Forster Jones — president of Aaroe International Luxury Properties in Beverly Hills, Calif. — says making a good first impression is crucial and involves landscaping, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door, and ensuring the door knob is shiny. When it comes to the interior, she says minimalism is best, with just enough furniture and art to define the room’s purpose. “It has to feel roomy, that there is space to circulate,” she explains. At the same time, “If the home is totally vacant, that’s very very hard to visualize living in,” she adds. Forster Jones recommends white walls, with pillows or plants used for pops of color and furniture to add some personality to the space. To avoid distractions, large spaces on walls should be filled with mirrors, rather than artwork, and the entire home — but especially the bathroom — should be spotless. Among other things, she says sliding doors and handles should be in working order; and closets and cupboards should be straightened so that items do not fall out when they are opened. Forster Jones cautions against food scents, like freshly baked cookies, and opts instead for candles with a fresh, organic scent, like pine. “You don’t want anything that’s going to potentially turn anyone off,” she notes. | Read More