To encourage potential buyers to pay more for a home, home sellers need to ensure it is in good condition. It may be beneficial to see the Realtor’s other homes that are priced similarly to get an idea of what changes need to be done. Hiring a real estate professional is crucial because he or she can provide an accurate overview of the market, offer strategies, and bring offers from qualified buyers. Homes that are priced fairly and in excellent condition will be more esteemed by buyers, so it makes sense to price homes based on pending sales that are yet to close rather than those already sold. The more number of days a home has been on the market, the more likely it is that a low-ball offer will be presented. Pricing a home should not be influenced by such things as how much is owed to creditors, the amount of cash necessary to buy the next home, or how much is needed for retirement. Conducting negotiations tends to work best when both parties get what they want. A seller may be willing to take less money in exchange for a cash offer or a quicker closing, while the buyer may request the seller to pay their closing costs. Ideally, sellers should respond to the buyer’s negotiations with documentation, receipts, and other information in a prompt manner. The seller is under no obligation to respond to an unreasonable offer. | Read More