A for-sale home that is properly staged can help make a connection with buyers. Even if there is no room in the budget for a professional interior designer, there a few simple tips that can help move a listing off the market. Miriam Fatheree of M Fatheree Interiors in The Woodlands, Texas, advises playing up to the senses — particularly smell. “Believe it or not,” she explains, “the smell of a home is very important to buyers.” Her personal preference is a green tea scent; other “clean” scents work just as well, but sellers should avoid anything that is overly spicy or super-flowery. Fatheree also recommends adding a fresh coat of paint, always in a neutral tone; updating light fixtures; emphasizing a focal point in each room; and taking the scale of each room, such as ceiling height and furniture size, into consideration when decorating. Additionally, she says that while clutter should be minimized, it is okay to leave out a few personal items. “Although buyers want to picture themselves in a home, they also want to know that real people live there,” she points out. “It is part of the character of a home.” | Read More