Experts with Good Housekeeping have identified the best cleaning methods for furniture that is showing signs of wear and tear. A leather ottoman can be cleaned using a cleaning solution designed for leather, a sponge, and water. Scratched wood can be fixed by rubbing walnut pieces back and forth over the scratch. The shell of the walnut must then be used on the same scratch until it disappears. This works because the wood absorbs the oils from the walnut, and the shell colors in the scratch. Furniture clinic carpet and upholstery cleaner and warm water can be used to remove coffee stains from a linen couch. Coffee tables with watermarks can be cleaned using a steam iron and a bath towel. Pressing a warm iron onto the towel covering the mark for a few seconds at a time will remove the stain. Finally, Furniture Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm can be used to restore faded leather on chairs. | Read More