When competition heats up for a desirable home, prospective buyers can try to win over the sellers through a personal letter introducing themselves and expressing what they love about the property and why they want to live there. Real estate professionals say proven strategies include stressing a connection to the community where the home is located, describing their family or their plans to start one, and detailing an interest in or appreciation for the home’s history. “You’re reaching out to the seller emotionally,” explains Tarpley Long, who was swayed by a couple’s letter to sell her District of Columbia home to them. For this reason, experts advise would-be buyers to avoid mentioning what they dislike about a listing and instead focus on its most compelling characteristics. They also should stay away from price discussions in their letter, as the Realtor will broach this subject with the seller. Additionally, Washington Fine Properties agent Nathan Guggenheim says house-hunters should pitch themselves in a letter only “if you’re genuine, and if you’re communicating your truthful intentions for the home.” Lauding a property in print, winning the bid, and then rebuilding a multifamily structure in its place, for example, can be viewed as a huge betrayal to the seller. | Read More