Yeti may be known for their rotomolded ice chests and durable soft-sided coolers, but the brand offers a lot more in their product lineup than that. The Yeti Loadout GoBox, for example, is a storage box suited to pretty much any situation you can think of.

Unsurprisingly, it’s expensive, as is typical of the brand. I’ve been using the GoBox 15, the smallest of the lineup, for more than eight weeks as I’ve traveled around the southeast and southwest in my camper van. But is it just a box with a brand name? Or is it truly worth the hefty price tag? In my Yeti Loadout GoBox review, I answer those questions and more while providing all of the need-to-know details about this storage item and who could actually benefit from it.

What is the Yeti Loadout GoBox?

The Yeti Loadout GoBox is a storage box designed for a variety of uses. Ultra durable and waterproof, these boxes are available in three sizes: 15 liters ($125), 30 liters ($250) and 60 liters ($300). The different sizes are suited to different uses. For instance, the 15-liter box would work well as a tackle box or for storing electronics. The 30-liter box is handy for storing a camp kitchen setup or using as a camp pantry (with bear-proof locks!). The 60-liter option can serve as an entire gear closet.

What remains the same across the three sizes is that all are intended to withstand the toughest of conditions, from complete water submersion to wind storms whipping up desert dust to jostling down a rough road.

Yeti Loadout GoBox Features

“Virtually Indestructible” Construction

The Yeti Loadout GoBox has all of the typical features you’d expect to find on a Yeti product: thick rotomolded Defender material construction, the NeverFail hinge system and an impressive dual IP65 and IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating. Those ratings mean the box is completely submersible in water and entirely resistant to dust entry.

On the online product listing and product tag, Yeti says it can’t legally call the box unbreakable, so it’s called “virtually indestructible” which, after using the box for about two months, seems true.

The GoBox, like other Yeti products, just feels durable when you’re using it. The thickness of Yeti’s Defender material gives it a hefty feel, and the lockdown latches produce a satisfying seal. In use, it’s clear that this product was really designed to withstand almost anything.

LipGrip Handles

Yeti’s patented LipGrip handles are comfortable to hold for long distances. There’s just one on the 15-liter box, situated in a flip-up fashion. On the 30-liter box, there’s a sling with a LipGrip handle in the middle, and on the 60-liter box, you’ll find two LipGrip handles, one on each side.


The two larger GoBoxes feature the PackAttic, a mesh storage compartment in the interior of the lid. It’s a useful spot to put flat and small, loose items, such as maps or a compass. One drawback to the 15-liter box is that it doesn’t have this feature. I have the GoBox 15, and it would be really nice to have the additional organization capability.

Organization Tray and Dividers

Each GoBox comes with one removable organizational caddy. The 15-liter box fits one caddy, the 30-liter fits two and the 60-liter fits three. The two larger sizes also accommodate dividers (one in the 30-liter box and two in the 60-liter box), and come with one divider each. You can purchase more dividers and trays separately.

Tiedown Slots

If you’re taking your GoBox out on a boat, raft, kayak or other water vesselor in the bed of your truck on an off-roading missionyou’ll want to take advantage of the patented AnchorPoint tie-down slots. These allow you to secure the box to your vessel or vehicle.


On the sides of each latch, you’ll find prefabricated holes for padlocks or thin cable locks. Yeti sells bear-proof locks that can make the boxes more resistant to wildlife, but the GoBoxes are not certified bear-proof.


Stackability is a major feature of the Yeti Loadout GoBox lineup. Regardless of which size you get, they’ll stack. For instance, three 15-liter GoBoxes will nestle right on top of a 60-liter GoBox. Having stackable boxes, such as The North Face Base Camp storage box that I also have and love, is ideal when you’re hauling a lot of gear in tight quarters.

How We Tested It

I’ve been using the Yeti Loadout GoBox as a camping storage box in my campervan. I travel full time, so having durable storage bins and cases is necessary to protect my gear on the road, particularly on unpaved roads when things can get a bit rocky (literally).

In the eight weeks or so that I’ve had the Yeti GoBox, its purpose has changed over time. To be frank, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first, especially since the 15-liter size is small. It held miscellaneous items until I decided that it was best suited to be an electronics vault. Now, it holds (and organizes) all of my charging cables and blocks, extension cords, portable chargers and battery packs, and rechargeable batteries. I store this box in my van’s gear closet, which doubles as a wet bath, so I have peace of mind knowing that if something were to happenlike the shower faucet getting bumped and turned onall of my electronics are thoroughly protected.

I’ll sometimes use my GoBox to store my DSLR camera and lenses when I’m driving down a particularly rough road. Normally, I store those items in overhead cabin storage, but they could fall if I hit a bad bump. It’s nice to know the strong-walled Yeti GoBox will protect them from all of the ruts, rivets and rocks.


Extremely durableCompletely watertight and dustproofCompatible with Yeti’s bear-proof locksComfy handle(s)Included organization trayStackableFive-year warranty


ExpensiveMay be overkill for some pursuits


Can I use the Yeti GoBox as a cooler?

No, Yeti Loadout GoBoxes are not coolers. If you put food and ice in this gear box, the ice will melt and your food will spoil. Check out Yeti’s lineup of coolers to suit this need.

Can you stand on a Yeti Loadout GoBox?

Yes, you can stand on a GoBox, especially the larger sizes, but Yeti doesn’t recommend using them as a casting platform or for general standing use. However, Yeti discloses that sitting on the boxes is fine.

What is a Yeti Loadout GoBox used for?

The Yeti Loudout GoBox is a gear storage box intended to keep contents dry, free from dust and safe from wildlife (and humans) when locked with compatible locks. You can store anything you want in a GoBox, but common uses include storing electronics, any essentials on kayak/canoe/raft trips, and camp kitchen setups.

What Other Reviewers and Experts Had to Say

There is no shortage of reviews on the Yeti Loadout GoBox online, from both gear testers and consumers alike. Among product and shopping experts, the general consensus seems to be that the Yeti Loadout GoBox is truly worth the price tag if you intend to take valuables on trips where there’s a high likelihood they could get wet or dropped from great heights. And it’s trueif you lock your precious camera up in the GoBox and it falls out of your kayak into the river, the box will have paid for itself many times over.

“I just picked up the GoBox 30 to keep my Yeti 1000X Power Station dry and secure on road trips,” shares one five-star reviewer. “The GoBox is perfect with the added lid dimensions (depth), internal tie-down points and for keeping all of the various connectors handy in the zipper compartments. Great design and quality, Yeti.”

“Price is definitely high, but the organization and build quality is excellent, made for the perfect dry storage on my boat and seat,” writes another reviewer.

Another five-star reviewer says, “Love this box to organizer my truck bed. I threw in bungees, leather man, first aid kit, change of clothes, small blanket and still have tons of room. The tray and zip bag are great to separate smaller items. Strong enough to still sit on, and locks up airtight.”

Product Comparison: Yeti Loadout vs. Pelican Air

Pelican is another brand known for its hardy storage cases. The Pelican Air case in particular is very popular among outdoors people and tactical recreationalists. How does it stack up to the Yeti Loadout GoBox?

One of the first things you’ll notice upon researching Pelican Air cases is that there are many more options than there are for Yeti GoBoxes. Air cases are available in different lengths and styles with different features to suit different needs. For instance, the 1745 Air Long Case is a popular choice for overlanders who want a durable storage case on their vehicle’s roof rack. This low-profile option doesn’t add much height to a vehicle, but does offer a roomy, safe space for long gear items, such as hunting rifles or tripods. Pelican Air cases also come in carry-on friendly sizes for air travel, as well as more standard tool box-like shapes and sizes.

Another factor to consider is Pelican’s customizable Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam. This system allows you to create shapes in protective foam specific to the items you intend to carry in the case, effectively creating snug pockets for your valuables to lie in.

A common complaint about Air cases, however, is the lack of comfortable handles. Many customer reviews indicate that the cases can be tough to transport due to handle placement and the hard plastic of the design. The handles on the Yeti GoBoxes, on the other hand, feature contoured grip and are placed so that one person can transport even the largest 60-liter box.

Both are quality product lines, as evidenced by expert and customer reviews, so choosing one will come down to your specific gear needs.

Final Verdict

Is the Yeti Loadout GoBox an absolute must-have? Unless you’re headed out on serious rafting trips with whitewater or other intense water-based activities, I’m inclined to say no. There are other options worth exploring that won’t cost you a minimum of $125 for 15 liters of storage space. The Dometic GO Soft-Sided camping storage box is an example, and a personal favorite. At a list price of $100, the 20-liter box offers adequate waterproofing and is made of a durable 840-denier, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)-coated polyester. Like the Yeti Loadout GoBox, the Dometic GO box offers watertight small-item storage, but is more flexible to use and weighs significantly less, yet has an additional 5 liters of storage space.

Still, depending on your needs, the Yeti Loadout GoBox would be worth the investment. And even if you don’t need it per se, it’s certainly a fun item to haveyou know, just in case you decide to finally take that whitewater trip. Plus, the included cargo tray does make organization easy.

Where to Buy the Yeti Loadout GoBox

The Yeti Loadout GoBox is available at several online retailers. You can find it at the official online Yeti store, as well as REI, Moosejaw, Cabela’s, Scheels, Ace Hardware, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Huckberryand Bass Pro Shops. You can also order online and pick up in a store local to you. The GoBox series starts at $125 for the 15-liter gear case, $250 for the 30-liter case and tops out at $300 for the 60-liter case.

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