Homeowners thinking of adding a bidet to their bathrooms have a number of things to consider. First, there are full-size bidets and bidet attachments. The former are like a combination of a sink and toilet, and they require additional space and plumbing. Full-size bidets are also designed to be straddled. Meanwhile, bidet attachments can be installed next to existing toilets and can be sat on like a toilet.. Some of the higher-quality bidet attachments offer features beyond a spray of water like heated seats and deodorizers. Most fully functional bidet attachments cost between $200 and $500. Some of the cheaper options available can cost as little as $20 or $100. Experts with Wirecutter say the Toto Washlet C200 is one of the better models available. It comes with a full range of features like spray controls, temperature controls, and a heated seat. | Read More