Solo Stove has been churning out new products almost faster than we can keep up with. We’ve gotten our hands on the innovative Pi Prime Pizza Oven, the Pellet Adapterand now the Mesa Torch. So far, the newly launched products have been up to snuff (pun intended), packing the same quality as the original Solo Stove Bonfire and other fire pits (which we’ve all tested, I may add).

But what could possibly be so great about an outdoor torch? Well, my partner and I have tested many Solo Stove products in the last year, and to put it in their words: The Mesa Torch might be my favorite Solo Stove product yet.

The new Solo Stove Mesa Torch looks incredible, keeps bugs away, and provides firelit ambiance to any outdoor scene. Ill break down all the product details in my review below, but lets just say that if youre a Solo Stove fan, youre going to love this one.

What is the Solo Stove Mesa Torch?

The new Mesa Torch is a backyard torchlight that runs on torch fluid. Its a durable, stainless-steel torch made with the iconic Solo Stove design, similar to that of the tabletop Mesa.

The weather-resistant, cold-rolled steel is painted a semi-matte black to blend seamlessly into any outdoor backdrop. Plus, you can choose between two configurations: Tall and short. So, your Mesa Torch can light your fence line or be at eye level when youre sitting on the patio.

The Mesa Torch has a giant wick, integrated fuel canister and a bezel that fits the snuff cap perfectly for easy extinguishing. Plus, the torch will keep an oversized flame for up to five hours on a single fill!

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Mesa Torch Product Features

The Mesa Torch is sold individually or in a pack of three (which is a better deal price-wise). Each option comes with the torch (or torches) and ground stake(s), a silicone funnel for easy fuel fills and extra wicks. The three-pack also comes with free citronella-scented Mesa Torch Fuel.

The torchs tall configuration stands at 52-1/2 inches, and the short option stands at 37-3/4 inches. The integrated fuel canister holds 21 ounces of fluid fuel. Each torch is slim and lightweight, and the diameter of the torchs head is just 3-3/4 inches, so it doesnt obstruct any patio or outdoor views.

How We Tested It

When the new Solo Stove Mesa Torches arrived at my doorstep, I was surprised by the slim, lightweight box. I was sure that I accidentally received only one torch based on the misleading size of the box. Upon opening it, I realized I was wrong. There were three torches included, along with other parts like extra wicks, a funnel and snuff caps.

Mesa Torch Assembly

Assembly is required for the Mesa Torch, but it takes seconds. All you have to do is connect the three poles to the ground stake and the top of the torch, and youre ready to stick your torch in the ground wherever you like. After you have your torch assembled and placed, you can add a little torch fuel to the fill line. I did not have the Mesa Torch Fuel, so I used the clean-burn, mosquito-repellent torch fuel I had on hand. (It worked like a charm.)

Filling the Mesa Torch

After filling the Mesa Torch, youll want to let the wick saturate for at least 15 minutes before lighting. Once lit, the flame takes another 15 minutes to build to its maximum size. When youre done with the torch, the silver snuff cap slides right on top of the torch and locks into place.

The Mesa Torches are incredibly slender, which I love. They dont look bulky or cumbersome on a patio, yet they still provide a tall flame that gives off a good amount of light. As my partner and I enjoyed our patio, surrounded by the bright, bug-repelling flames of the Mesa Torches, we agreed that the new torches might be one of our favorite Solo Stove products to date. They are certainly the best-looking backyard torches weve seen, and they feel incredibly sturdy once staked into the ground.

If you havent upgraded your old bamboo torches in a while, youll be impressed by the overall quality and sleek look of the Solo Stove Mesa Torch.


Impressive qualityEasy to assemble and useWeather-resistantBurn time of 5 hoursCompatible with any torch fuelLightweight, yet sturdyLarge flameAdjustable heightLifetime warranty


A little priceyMy pack of 3 torches only came with one clip to latch the snuff cap onto the torch (but it did come with 3 snuff caps)


Is the Mesa Torch smokeless?

Unlike Solo Stove fire pits, the Mesa Torch is not smokeless. Torch fuel tends to produce a small amount of smoke when burning, especially when first lit. I burned a clean torch fuel, and noticed very little smoke, so that may be an option if youre looking to reduce the amount of smoke produced.

How do I light my Mesa Torch?

After assembling, placing and filling your Mesa Torch, youll insert the wick into the canister cap and let it soak for 15 minutes. Youll want to be sure that at least -inch of wick is sticking out from the top when you light it. We recommend using a long-stem lighter to avoid burning your hand.

Final Verdict

If youre looking to level up your patio this fall, bringing a little firelight can create the perfect ambiance for a backyard get-together. I also love that adding a citronella-scented or insect-repellent torch fuel can keep bugs at bay.

The Mesa Torches not only look great around my patio, but they also provide light for visibility and protection from unwanted critters and bites.

Where to Buy the Mesa Torch

The Mesa Torch retails at Solo Stove for $80, and a pack of three torches sells for $200 (which comes out to about $67 per torch). The three pack also comes with free torch fuel, which can be a little pricey on its own. And come on, who doesn’t love a freebie?

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