Choosing a frame to house a cherished photo or beloved memory doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Sometimes, it’s better to let the item have the moment, which is what Iittala’s new glass photo frames designed by French designer Inga Sempé do. The Filigree series keeps it simple, using only transparent glass and colored metal backplates to showcase your most valuable treasures. The glass provides an optical effect across the glass cylinders and gives weight to the frame without being heavy. Meanwhile the metal backplate enters inside the piece of glass to hold the item and provide it a colored backdrop. The result is simple yet elegant, giving the keepsakes their own beautiful vignette on a shelf or bedside table.

The Filigree collection comes in four different sizes, each with its own back color (beige, pale grey, blue, or steel; the latter can also be used as a mirror). The frames are only available at