While a home’s “master suite” — typically the largest in the residence and containing its own bathroom — generally is a desirable amenity, the term itself may been perceived as offensive to some. Based on its misogynistic and/or racist connotations, the real estate community is moving away from this description. Many floor plans offered by home builders now substitute the phrase with “owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” instead. The shift is trickling down to the resale housing market as well, where “owner’s bedroom” is used most often in luxury property listings. “The terminology has more of an upscale tone to it, particularly in some of the really large homes that truly have a large bedroom, sitting area, enormous walk-in closets, and lavish bathrooms,” said Brian Block of RE/Max Allegiance in McLean, Va. “Owner Suite conveys a sense of being distinguished, having ‘made it’ or ‘arrived’ rather than the everyday ‘Master Bedroom.'” Winchester Homes Inc. executive Steve Nardella, meanwhile, adds, “I imagine it’s not only a more accurate description, but also a more politically correct term of art.” | Read More