With more Americans putting off marriage and parenthood, pets have become the most important family member for some homeowners. Architects, builders, and interior designers report a jump in homeowners seeking pet-oriented spaces, such as dog spas, grooming centers, and even lounge areas with furniture designed specifically for pets. Some are going as far as installing built-ins and cabinetry that hold pet paraphernalia but blend in with other areas of the home. Meanwhile, more apartment and condo developers are offering perks for pet owners, such as dog grooming facilities, dog parks, pet shops, boarding facilities, and full-time pet concierges. However, homeowners need to be careful when spending a significant amount of money on design upgrades for their pets, as there is no way to tell beforehand whether the animals will like these specially built spaces. Additionally, it could be difficult to sell the home down the road to buyers without pets. | Read More