Advances in Web technology and the growing popularity of social media have re-shaped traditional marketing approaches in real estate and elsewhere. Instead of simply running a photo and advertising copy in a print publication and waiting for interested parties to contact them, today’s Realtors are fostering greater interaction through virtual tours, blogs, and unique events. One property brokerage in Boulder, Colo., has even built a window kiosk at its office that lets customers see images of a property, take a virtual tour, or even contact an agent. The computer screen at Re/Max Alliance records the number of touches, which is coming in at about 100 interactions per night. “The window has become a very smart, tactile tool for the consumer and a benefit to the seller,” according to partner Jay Hebb. He is an early adopter of innovative real estate marketing reinforced with solid agent follow-through, having won plaudits two years ago for developing the iRealty app. With it, consumers pair the GPS capability of their smartphones with MLS listings. “You tap into the map and it will actually drive you to the property,” which lets house-hunters explore properties in real time as they move through neighborhoods that appeal to them, Hebb explains. As consumers increasingly look to the Web for information and guidance in their home searches, others say the next big thing could be online marketing videos for luxury properties. | Read More