The kitchen is the center of the home, and these days homeowners are remodeling or upgrading the look of the room. The green trend is taking over, and can deeply impact kitchen design. The biggest impact is the trash and recycling design. These receptacles are necessary, and should be placed into the kitchen cabinet design, rather than freestanding in the room. There should be separate bins for garbage, cans and bottles, and paper and cardboard. All these containers should be pullout spaces within the cabinets. The easiest way to do this is to retrofit the containers into existing cabinets. Additionally, cabinets should have deep drawers for pots and pans and other appliances. Placing small appliances in drawers makes the kitchen clean and organized, and it is easier to find the items. Sometimes small, cheap changes can refresh the kitchen. Changing the hardware on cabinets can create a new look, and the choices are innumerable. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts also can be replaced, and it is inexpensive because it can be done without the help of an expert. In order to renovate a kitchen, a professional kitchen designer should be hired so that the room can be enjoyed and is practical. | Read More