Technology has altered the way people buy and sell homes, with numerous websites and smartphone apps providing data to aid in their decision making., for instance, is a one-stop Web site where users can search neighborhoods for foreclosures, sales, pre-foreclosures, and sales prices. It also offers a subscription option for Realtors wanting more data. In the past, realty professionals were the sole suppliers of information to buyers; but buyers now are able to do research before choosing an agent. They can search various websites for listings and narrow down their options by taking virtual tours, and they can obtain property descriptions and other information via QR codes. According to RETSO Real Estate Technology Conference founder Brad Nix, “The scary thing that the industry needs to be careful of is that the consumer knows more than the practitioner because of these devices. Access to data is not the privilege, it is the right of the consumer.” However, he insists that Realtors are still needed to help buyers view homes in person, make offers, and close the deal. | Read More