The loss of power as a result of falling trees and downed power lines is a major concern when a major storm or hurricane hits. It can sometimes take weeks to restore power. More people are preparing to deal with the loss of power through the use of backup generators. Major municipal services, like hospitals, have backup generators to help function smoothly no matter how bad the storms may get, and now some people are also turning to gas-powered generators for their homes. Home Depots in Northeast Florida are selling out of generators, and experts say it is not a bad idea for people to have them. However, they warn that people should be careful using generators because the fumes they produce can be deadly. John Long, with the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, recommends putting a carbon monoxide alarm near the generator to catch any buildup of carbon monoxide that can be fatal. Generators come in all sizes and can cost a couple hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. | Read More