Restaurant and home kitchen design differ in many ways. Spacious restaurant kitchens with full-time staff can have enormous, hard to clean appliances. Home kitchens need to be practical, with appliances that are convenient to use, and that fit the scale of the kitchen. Advanced planning is the most important element to designing a functional and enjoyable home kitchen. The most successful home kitchen designs start with a basic floor plan of the kitchen space. Begin by laying out the appliances, aiming to create a work triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The sides of this work triangle, when added together should be between 13 and 21 feet long, and should not be in the flow of other kitchen traffic.. After establishing the work triangle, mentally “cook” a few meals. Think through where the cooking utensils, pantry items, plates, and glasses need to go to be accessible while cooking. While considering regular meals, it is also important to consider other activities that may take place in the kitchen, such as holiday cooking, entertaining, or craft-making. While thinking through these activities, fine-tune the kitchen plan to accommodate all anticipated kitchen uses. Thinking through how the kitchen will actually be used ensures the best results for a kitchen design. | Read More