Kitchen sinks have become creatures of style as well as practicality. While their functionality for food preparation or cleanup is important, their look and frequent dominance in a kitchen has created a call for style and appearance. Designer Marc Scurci believes countertops and even faucets are more important elements to design to most people. What was once a bowl that held water, now must become the center of activity in the room that is so often a gathering place for family and friends. Senior director of design and brand management of New Jersey based American Standard Carter Thomas, says sinks are an “element of design” that are determined by “trade-offs” of the homeowner. Because the look of the room is becoming increasingly important, the growing range of colors become the major element, while cooking-conscious owners might be looking more at elements such as workspace. Additionally, some homeowners are looking for cleverness in simplicity, such as large, single-bowl sinks with an offset drain, or double-bowl sinks with lowered divides. Some might even like the idea of the whole island as the sink, instead of it just taking up a space of the island. Also, as homeowners become more aware of how visible they are in this gathering spot, they are more willing to spend more money on the fixture. | Read More