Considered the heart of a home, the kitchen can be instrumental in selling a house. Buyers prefer homes with up-to-date kitchens, especially since it is where they will entertain guests and a room they will use every day. Kitchen renovations are expensive and time-consuming, and buyers do not want to have to undertake such improvements. The price range determines what is “up-to-date,” meaning that buyers in the $100,000 range likely will not pay an additional $40,000 or more on granite, travertine, and marble if similar homes lack luxury kitchens. Sellers should attend open houses in their neighborhoods to see how their kitchens compare, adding solid wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and trash compactors and other such extras if competing homes have them. In high-end neighborhoods, however, sellers must upgrade outdated features or be willing to accept a lower price. Experts say a kitchen update does not have to be extensive and might involve sellers repainting in a neutral color, eliminating clutter, upgrading appliances, changing fixtures, and opting for less expensive faux or lower-end granite. Making the improvements themselves also will reduce costs. | Read More