Lavender can be used for appearances, for its smell, or for its taste. It has been used to clean and disinfect laundry, soothe sore muscles, and aid relaxation, and it can be grown easily at home with proper soil and location. Provence, the region in southern France, is known for its lavender fields, and is also the namesake of Herbes de Provence, the mixture of dried lavender and other herbs used in its cuisine. Heavy, clay soil may be an obstacle to growing lavender, but the addition of compost, a sunny spot with good drainage, and aggressive pruning can help lavender thrive. Snyder’s Munstead lavender and Hidcote lavender both belong to the species Lavandula angustifolia, commonly known as English lavender, and can be used in cooking. Dried flowers and leaves can be used in a sleep pillow or with other ingredients in a bath or foot soak. Lavender flowers should be harvested just as they start to open in the early and late summer. | Read More