As Halloween approaches, many of us are preparing to decorate our homes and yards. Now is the perfect time to start DIY-ing your decor.

This year, we have a new favorite DIY decoration, thanks to BBQ expert and apparent handyman Harlee-Jax (@harleyjaxbbq). In a now-viral TikTok video, Harlee-Jax shows his 15 million viewers how to make festive pumpkin solar lights to line a pathway.

Here’s everything you need to know about the pumpkin solar lights, including how to make them yourself.

What Are the Viral Pumpkin Solar Lights?

Harlee-Jax’s lights are basically a DIY combination of plastic jack-o-lanterns and staked solar path lights. The solar light goes inside the pumpkin, creating the illusion of floating, glowing jack-o-lanterns. Harlee-Jax showcases at least six of the pumpkin solar lights in his video to line a driveway or pathway.

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What’s So Great about the Pumpkin Solar Lights?

Besides being adorable and easy to make, the lights make use of a lighting system that may already exist in your yard. This makes them extra affordable, as well as environmentally friendly. Once Halloween is over, simply remove the jack-o-lantern sheath from the solar lights and use them normally.

Did we mention they take only minutes to craft, making them an excellent last-minute decor option? Reusable, cheap, fast and easy — that’s a winning DIY.

What Do I Need to Make the Pumpkin Solar Lights?

These require a set of staked solar path lights, a drill with large bits. and a series of plastic jack-o-lanterns.

The type of jack-o-lantern matters. Harlee-Jax appears to use a lidded plastic jack-o-lantern, much like a candy pail without the handle. He doesn’t specify which brand he’s using, but you could always purchase a basic plastic jack-o-lantern candy pail from Amazon, like this one, and remove the handle.

How Can I Make the Pumpkin Solar Lights?

In his video, Harlee-Jax starts by turning the plastic pumpkin on its head and drilling a hole in the bottom. The hole needs to be big enough to snugly fit the stake of the solar path lights, so measure accordingly.

Once you’ve drilled through the jack-o-lantern, simply push the stake through the hole, positioning the roof of the solar light at the top of the pumpkin so it looks like the pumpkin is wearing a hat. To make the setup process easier, Harlee-Jax disassembles the solar lights into the bulbs and stakes. But as one commenter points out, even that isn’t strictly necessary.

Next, pop the stakes of the solar lights back into your yard, lining them up with your pathway or driveway. That’s it!

Before those trick-or-treaters arrive, don’t forget to decorate your front door. While you’re at it, why not teach the kids how to DIY their Halloween crafts? This holiday, more is definitely more.

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