There are many different facets to the real estate business, but humor typically is not one of them. One agent in with Re/Max Professionals Saint John, in Canada, has taken the road less traveled, however, and inserted some ironic wit into his marketing campaign for a listing that is having trouble attracting buyer interest. The unusual tactic has ranged from signs proclaiming that the property is “not haunted” and that it boasts “indoor plumbing” to declarations, complete with accompanying audio tracks by the Commodores and the B-52s, of the property as “a brick, house” and “love shack, baby.” The listing agent, Jake Palmer, explains, “We really felt it had gone stale.” He has been changing the punchline every week and says he will continue to do so until the home sells. The “not haunted” sign has caught the attention of social Web site Buzzfeed and the real-estate blog Curbed; and the marketing appears to have increased foot traffic to the property, although a buyer still has not surfaced. | Read More