MSN Real Estate surveyed real estate agents nationwide and analyzed home listings on to determine the most common reasons residences sit unsold and fail to generate showings or offers. Price is likely the top reason why certain homes languish on the market, but gaudy decor and a hefty list of repairs or renovations also turn buyers off. Homes in bad locations — like next to a power plant, waste treatment facility, or busy highway — are difficult to sell without substantial price reductions. Buyers also are wary of homes with inefficient or odd floor plans, luxury homes in a neighborhood of more humble dwellings, and condos in investor-owned communities were Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it tougher to secure financing. Clutter-filled listing photos that leave buyers questioning the condition of the rest of the home should be avoided as well. To help properties move more quickly, sellers should be realistic about the price, employ a neutral design, ensure that listing photos showcase only the rooms and features that are selling points, and keep the home clean and clutter-free as soon as it hits the market. | Read More