Though almost every homeowners has a list of dream improvement projects, realtors recommend that potential sellers remember that home improvements should not focus on personal preference but on what would make the house appeal to more potential buyers. Realtors indicate that there are four major areas that make the biggest impact and ultimately offer a good pay-off for the seller. The front appearance, or curb appeal, of the house, which generally covers a clean, neat, spruced up area – healthy plants or raked leaves, new house numbers, new paint, and fixes to any loose bricks or cracks in the front walk. The outside of the home contributes to the curb appeal, but the front is not the only important area; new paint and any repair or improvement that will reduce future maintenance for buyers provides a good investment. Inside the home homeowners should spruce up worn floors with refinishing, new carpet, or click-together laminate floors, and add the idea of luxury with crown molding or some ‘wow’ factor, like a top of the line shower head. The fourth major area that offers good pay-offs includes the bathrooms and kitchen. These spaces hold with the clean and neat idea as well as the ‘wow’ factor; the best tips in these spaces are to minimize clutter and opt for a new stove or counter-tops rather than a full remodel of the space. | Read More