When I first saw Tifosi sunglasses, I was skeptical—less than $60 for a pair of stylish, polarized sunglasses? They seemed too good to be true. However, I am often skittish to pull out my Ray-Bans while hiking on a rough trail for fear that they’ll get damaged (and I’ll be out a few hundred dollars). So, I decided to give Tifosi sunglasses a try, as they’re made for durability and sport.

Now, I reach for my Tifosi glasses almost anytime I’m heading outdoors. Whether I’m hiking, in the pool or out playing with my dog, I want sunglasses that aren’t only going to stay put on my face, but also resist breaking if they do slide off my head.

Here’s the full scoop on Tifosi sunglasses and how they perform.

What are Tifosi sunglasses?

Tifosi makes eyewear for sports and outdoor activities, from running and cycling to golfing and tennis. Several months ago, I received my first pair of Tifosis, the Svago sunglasses in polarized tortoise. The Svagos are a stylish, round lens pair of sunglasses that are shatterproof and scratch resistant. Plus, like my beloved Ray-Bans, they have brown polarized lenses that reduce glare and provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The Svago sunglasses also have a nose pad for comfortability and increased gripping, so they don’t slide around on my face when I’m hiking—even if I’m sweating. One of my favorite features is the sunglasses’ integrated hinge that doesn’t get caught in my hair when I push the sunglasses to the top of my head in shaded, wooded areas. Bonus: I always get compliments on the Svagos when I wear them in public at sporting games and other outdoor events.

After many months of loving the Svago sunglasses, I decided to try the Rail cycling glasses and Vogel SL sport glasses, too. The Vogel SL sunglasses are just $40, and they’re made for running, baseball and golf. While they’re not polarized, I find the shatterproof, smoke-tint blackout lens keep the sun comfortably out of eyes even on the sunniest days. The Rails are a little more pricey, but they come with three interchangeable lenses for bright and low-light occasions: smoke-tinted lenses, AC red lenses and clear lenses. The Rail sunglasses are lightweight and durable, and the nose and ear pads are fully adjustable. Both the Rail and Vogel SL sunglasses provide maximum protection from debris, so you can enjoy your outdoor activity with peace of mind knowing your eyes are protected.

Below is a full pros and cons list for my beloved Svagos.


No-slip fit
Multiple color options
Cleaning bag included


Not adjustable, but they fit my large head comfortably

Editor’s Pick

Tifosi Svago Sunglasses

Affordable, polarized sunglasses made for any outdoor occasion.

Why I Love Them

My two favorite things about Tifosi sunglasses are their durability and price point. I’ve dropped my Svago sunglasses several times while moving across rough terrain, thrown them in the bottom of tote bags and hiking packs and had them ripped of my head by nieces and nephews. And after all that, still no scratches!

I love that if anything does happen to my Tifosi glasses (knock on wood), I won’t be out a small fortune. Additionally, when it comes to polarization, I don’t notice much of a difference between the polarized lenses of the Tifosi Svago glasses and other high-end glasses I own. In other words, it doesn’t feel like your sacrificing quality for affordability with Tifosi—because who wants to do that?

If you’re looking for a durable, affordable pair of sunglasses for daily or moderate outdoor activity, I recommend going with the Svago glasses. (They make a useful gift for hikers, too!) If you’re looking for sunglasses suited for golfing, cycling, baseball or similar activities, I would shop the Rail or Vogel SL sunglasses, as they offer eye protection, too.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

The Savgo sunglasses have a near-perfect five-star rating on the Tifosi website. Here’s what real-life shoppers have to say.

Verified buyer, Lisa S., says, “I’ve been looking for a comfortable pair of sunglasses for horseback riding that last through all the sweat and bounce. These are perfection. I made it through a whole lesson without even thinking about my glasses. They didn’t slip or move once. 10/10 would purchase again.”

“I am so happy with my new glasses! This is my second pair,” shares five-star reviewer, Cathy Clough. “I love how they don’t slip on my nose or stretch out on the sides. I love the different colors and styles! Makes it hard to choose!”

Anja H., another five-star reviewer, loves them, too. “To be fair, these are my first ‘good’ pair of sunglasses (i.e. with any polarization), so of course I love them, but they’re really wonderful beyond that,” she writes. “I often step on my sunglasses or otherwise break them, but these are sturdy and strong. Additionally, these have a little rubberized piece on the nose which holds them in place perfectly. I absolutely love these! Purchased for a trip in Death Valley and they did not disappoint.”

Where to Buy Tifosi Sunglasses

Editor’s Pick

Tifosi Svago Sunglasses

Durable, stylish sunglasses designed for a range of outdoor sports and activities.

The Tifosi Svago sunglasses retail for $55 ($25 for non-polarized options) while the Vogel SL and Rail glasses sell for $40 and $80, respectively. You can shop them directly from the Tifosi website or you can snag the Svago, Rail and Vogel SL styles on Amazon.

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