Calque, a company that partners with lenders to offer non-contingent mortgages to homebuyers, has appointed Michael Bremer as CEO.

Before joining Calque, Bremer (a 2020 HousingWire Insider), served as the executive vice president of enterprise operations at CoreLogic.

“I am thrilled at the chance to join a company dedicated to alleviating the challenges homeowners face during the homebuying and selling process,” Bremer said in a statement. “Calque can help established lenders and real estate agents meet consumer needs without disintermediating them or disrupting their traditional roles. 

“Instead of displacing all of those involved in the homebuying process, we are committed to empowering them to secure the best outcomes for their business and customers alike. I look forward to scaling up the business at Calque; homeowner equity is high, and thousands of owners are ready to start looking for their next property that meets their lifestyle as rates thaw.”

Launched in 2021, Calque offers several products geared toward borrowers who want to buy a new home and move before they sell.

Calque’s product options include a trade-in mortgage solution, which allows a homeowner to use the equity in their current home to buy their next home by increasing their down payment and reducing their monthly payments. The homeowner then preps their original home for sale after they’ve moved out.

Unlike many other buy-first mortgage solutions companies, Calque also allows borrowers to work with the agent of their choice and any lender in the Calque mortgage provider network.

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