When it comes to real estate transactions, making mistakes can be costly, experts say. “One of the main mistakes is pricing,” says Dennis Evans, a Coldwell Banker Prime Properties associate broker. He says “pricing needs to be determined by the marketplace. What a realtor would do is a comparative pricing analysis” to know what is in the marketplace, the competition, and what is sold. It is also crucial to make the home available to show. “Some people put a timetable of 72 hours or only wanting to show it on the weekends,” Evans says. However, the majority of buyers who are relocating lack that time, so restricting hours too much may hinder the house being sold. When it comes time to show the house, it is important to get the home ready. Evans says this involves getting the home de-cluttered. “Making sure it is depersonalized. Just making sure countertops are cleaned off, that the laundry is done, the kids’ toys are put away,” all of which can be critical, says Evans. When it comes to disclosure, being honest is best, even if a thing seems insignificant, says Evans. Lastly, he says if an offer is received that does not meet expectations, countering that offer will be a major step in the negotiation phase. | Read More