Miami-based Lennar Corp. has rolled out a new type of multigenerational housing in North Carolina after experiencing success with the concept in Arizona, California, and Texas communities. The developer’s ‘Next Gen’ homes feature two doors that lead to separate dwellings, both under the same roof. One door leads to the main home, where a traditional family might reside; and the other opens to a 500-square-foot suite that offers all the amenities of a secondary residence. Lennar’s Traditions at Bella Casa community in Apex, N.C., demonstrates this type of ‘triangle’ homebuilding that keeps families close while still providing privacy and personal space. The Bella Casa model contains 3,700-square-feet with common areas in the main house that can accommodate additional people. The developer also offers its Next Gen homes in Clayton, N.C. The market for multigenerational housing has expanded in recent years with college graduates looking for work and baby boomers wanting to be near their families as they age, according to a media report. | Read More