In home design as in life, balance is the key to happiness. This truism was particularly evident in a recent Oakland, Calif. home remodel that needed to integrate old and new features while remaining family friendly for several generations to come. “The principal concern for the new vision of the home was to modernize the functionality, create ample storage and pantry space, and provide a comfortable environment for this multi-generational family,” says Alisa Hofmann of Winans Construction. “We worked on a total of seven rooms: kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room, main floor bathroom, living room fireplace, and upstairs bathroom and water closet.” The construction, which took six months to complete, began with a full remodel of the first floor. The design needed to remain within the original blueprint of the home, while enhancing flow and functionality. A handful of rooms, including the kitchen, required the relocation of walls, while an enclosed porch was fitted into the main house layout to expand the living space and make room for a breakfast spot and cabinetry for the pantry and other storage. | Read More