In Philadelphia and other metropolitan areas, more and more bathrooms are being built or renovated without a tub. A survey this year of 7,645 homeowners by Houzz Inc. found that four out of 10 respondents opted to forgo bathtubs during renovations — even in the master suite. The design trend is being driven by older homeowners who have mobility issues and younger people who simply prefer showers over baths. “We’re seeing much more demand for walk-in showers,” according to Nick Meli Jr., owner of a contracting firm in Center City. Millennials “don’t take baths; they want to shower, get in and get out. Soaking in a tub? No way, their homes are a place to sleep and then leave for work. Older people don’t want tubs because they’re 20 inches from the floor; they can’t step over them.” While real estate insiders say removing tubs used to be taboo — especially in homes with only one bathroom — they agree this design choice no longer necessarily lowers property value. | Read More