These days, it is not enough for real estate agents to simply post numerous, eye-catching property photos online. To ensure buyers can find a listing on the Web, the images must be appropriately tagged. CEO Doug Breaker says, “Sellers and real estate agents need to be strategic about the photos they use to market the home.” The residence should be cleaned, decluttered, and depersonalized before photos are snapped. Agents also should avoid taking photos of an empty home, emphasizing the importance of staging to show buyers how the home could look when furnished. Some agents combine digital floor plans with photographs, while others use virtual staging software that shows buyers how different types of furniture and styles would look. Experts add that hiring a photographer who contracts with the local MLS will boost their listings in the search engines. Additionally, Realtors should tag or name their images using the city, state, zip code, and room, such as “350SmithStreetNewyork10001kitchen.” Photos with such tags will come up before those without any identifying tags when buyers search for homes in that zip code or city. | Read More