Common Parts is a minimalist series of limited edition objects created by London-based designer Mark Holmes for Minimalux. The exhibition is the result of a brief in which only pre-existing parts and materials within Holmes’ immediate environment could be used, together with unrestricted access to the contents of the Minimalux component shelves.

The refined and polished industrially produced parts are subsequently removed from their original functional context and poetically combined with commonplace concrete blocks. The result is a playful hybrid of reference elements from brutalism mixed with minimalist art.

Guided by the iconic audio-visual consumer electronics of the 20th century led by the likes of Braun, Kodak, and Motorola, Common Parts is united by each of the artwork’s distinguishing mimicry of the classic products developed during this time, both in scale and form.

As quoted from Mark Holmes, “What I’ve tried to do with Common Parts is represent this ratio by using our familiar product components combined with something opposite, in this case common concrete bricks. The components become appendages to the bricks and present for me a happy well-balanced juxtaposition of texture and shine. Throughout the initial process of developing these works the design narrative that unites them became clear.”