Plunk, an AI-powered home analytics platform, has partnered with two real estate industry marketing companies, Union Street Media and Realforce, to scale its real-time data and analytics across multiple digital channels. 

Plunk’s platform offers real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment, and remodeling possibilities.

The company is partnering with Union Street Media, a leader in business strategy marketing, providing integrated campaigns across web, mobile, voice, search engine optimization and social media, and Realforce (previously Adfenix), which simplifies and streamlines the technology stack for real estate marketing.

“We believe that AI-powered and real-time data and analytics will become the industry standard within the next five years,” Ted Adler, founder of Union Street Media, said. “With Plunk, we’re getting ahead of that adoption curve and delivering home valuation, remodeling analytics and market insights to our target audiences across every digital medium—right now.”

Meanwhile, Philip Hegge, U.S. director at Realforce, said that the partnership would tackle a longstanding challenge in the real estate industry: having, on the one hand, high-quality leads and, on the other hand, measurable and positive returns on investment.

“Not only does this enhance the consumer experience, but it also simultaneously delivers top-tier leads that drive business for brokerages and agents,” Hegge said.

Recently, Local Logic, a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world, announced a partnership with Plunk to empower end-users with the technology and insights they need to accelerate and improve home purchase decisions. 

Prior to that, Plunk also introduced a new tool called Plunk Pro that aims to transform the real estate market by offering real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment, and remodeling possibilities.

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