Backyard pools have gone above and beyond the traditional white plaster interior and kidney-bean formation to incorporate different shapes and styles, colorful lights, high-end finishes, and decorative tiles in an assortment of patterns and colors. Bill Berry of Southlake, Texas-based Claffey Pools, for instance, notes that the number of available tiles has soared to 800 from eight in years’ past. Experts say that while pools are still meant for children’s enjoyment, homeowners now view the amenity as an extension of the home and choose features that enhance the home’s architecture. “Now the home and the pool connection is pretty seamless … the style of the home determines the natural style of the pool,” explains Marc Thee of Winter Park, Fla.-based Marc-Michaels Interior Design. Geometric and free-flowing designs, small pools or “spools,” concrete shells with stone finishes, and pool bottoms that create a natural lagoon look are gaining in popularity. Homeowners also are opting for chairs set into the shallow-water section, sophisticated light systems, and fountains that move in patterned sequences, among other touches. | Read More