In Ohio, Betty Nairn of Cabinet-S Top says kitchens are shifting to a place of luxury to a minimalist space. Nairn says this trend is, in part, due to an economy where homeowners with properties on the market want to advertise their homes with broad appeal. Appliances are hidden and an overall cleaner look is being opted for over traditional Italian and French designs. While countertops remain a main area for eating, countertops where individuals can face each other like a table are a growing request. Green-friendly materials are also a major part of new kitchen designs, as more homeowners select energy-efficient lights and stone countertops. Natural lighting has become more common, in addition to LED under-counter lighting and recessed lights. Safety is being integrated more fully into kitchens, with lockouts that stop stoves from being turned on automatically. A rule put forth by many designers is that individuals should design their homes with enhancements that are comfortable for them, rather than what is popular at the time.

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