Those homeowners looking to put their homes back on the market as spring gets near need to make sure to look at your houses through a potential buyer’s eyes. First Weber Southwest Regional Manager Nancy Smith says such an effort requires understanding how to highlight the home’s best features while downplaying its worst parts. She warns that potential buyers will fixate on the negatives if you let them. “Oftentimes after leaving a showing, a buyer will tell me, ‘There was something about that home that didn’t feel quite right…’ and then they concentrate on finding something ‘wrong’ with it,” says Smith. To avoid leaving potential buyers with a sense that something is not right, make sure the place is furnished in a way that does not overwhelm. “The more the style and decor of your furnishings matches the style and decor of the home, the easier it is for people to imagine living there,” says Smith, adding that simplicity is best for most rooms. | Read More