With home sales activity still lagging, sellers need to do all they can to attract buyers and get their homes off the market. Staging can reduce days on market by about a third, and it can involve a simple cleaning or redoing an entire room. Barbara Van Poole of Van Poole Properties in Plano, Texas, says staging helps sell homes closer to the list price, and it can eliminate the need to reduce the price when a home sits unsold. Because most buyers turn to the Internet when starting their home search, Van Poole emphasizes the need for professional photographs. She adds that a well-landscaped yard with flowers also creates curb appeal; and given that buyers make a decision about a home during the first 30 to 90 seconds in the door, she says personal items and extra furniture should be removed and cosmetic improvements, such as painting, should be undertaken. Among other strategies, sellers should select neutral paint colors, eliminate clutter, bake cookies to create an inviting sweet aroma, and leave fresh flowers outside to avoid triggering buyers’ allergies. | Read More